Cub of the Year Symbolic Adoption Kit (U.S. and Canada Only)

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Introducing our Cub of the Year Adoption Kit, featuring everything you need to embark on a delightful journey into the world of polar bear cubs! This kit includes a soft and cuddly stuffed polar bear cub by Jellycat, perfect for snuggles. Dive into the Mom and Cub Fact Sheet, brimming with fascinating facts about polar bears and a captivating word search game centered around the Arctic. Decorate your belongings with the exclusive Polar Bears International sticker to showcase your support for these incredible animals. It’s a wonderful opportunity to nurture curiosity and love for wildlife while making a meaningful impact on conservation efforts. Let the adventure begin with our Cub of the Year Adoption Kit!

The adoption kit includes:

  • One soft and cuddly stuffed polar bear cub by Jellycat® – ready for furry bear hugs
  • Ursula The Polar Bear certificate of adoption, featuring a photo by wildlife photographer Daniel J. Cox, with a special link to view a video about Ursula’s travels around the Arctic
  • Mom and Cub Fact Sheet with fun facts about polar bears and a word search game focused on the Arctic
  • Polar Bears International sticker

All adoptions are processed in U.S. dollars, and tax receipts are only available for U.S. supporters for the maximum allowable amount (purchase price minus cost of goods). Adoption prices do not include the cost of shipping. Symbolic adoption kits ship to U.S. and Canada only.

NOTE: All donations are processed in U.S. Dollars.  Tax receipts will be provided to U.S. donors only.  Canadians, please donate here to be eligible for a tax deduction.

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